Recharge Business in India

The Indian mobile industry is set to have more than 739 Million subscribers by 2012, growing at an annual rate of 21%. Moreover, the percentage of mobile users will rise to 60.7% by 2012 from current level of 20%. Prepaid subscribers continue to be dominating the Indian mobile connection market. They accounted for more than 93 percent of all mobile connections in 2008 and are expected to grow to more than 96 percent of the connection base by 2013, surpassing 741 million connections versus 312 million in 2008. The monthly prepaid revenue is currently over 7000+crores and is increasing by the day.

Business Opportunity

The Recharge World Distributor has the opportunity to benefit by our brands and becoming part of the fastest growing industry in India, ensuring better ROI than even FMCG distribution operations, as the entire operations is managed using a stable and robust technology, resulting in negligible operating costs and hassle free realization of income. Recharge World provides you with an opportunity to participate in the prepaid business and increase your monthly cash rotation manifold. We also invite enterprising individuals who want to explore a good return on investment and start providing services to your retailers.

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