SP Recharge Retailer (Recharge Zone)

Selling prepaid services is a lucrative business opportunity. Most of our services consumed by the average Indian customer are available prepaid/postpaid and this is expected to increase moving forward. However, stocking physical prepaid cards and ensuring their security and availability across multiple lanes, tills and locations is an unnecessary burden for modem retailers and take a lot of investment also.

Partner with us, Become our Retailer and make your shop in Recharge Zone:

Key benefits to join as a Retailer:

  • Empowering even the most basic merchant who has just a mobile connection, doing away with the need for a large investment from his side and enabling him to provide a wide range of services.
  • Unified view of inventory and consumption of prepaid services
  • A diversified bouquet of a variety of prepaid services which are hot sellers in the Indian market.
  • Unified commercials without the hassle of managing multiple commercial relationships with┬ásmall and large service providers
  • Secure, Electronic reconciliation and accounting systems on par with the best in the world

If you are a merchant interested in partnering with us and utilizing this unique opportunity. Get in touch with us by Clicking Here


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